The content of this Report is entirely based on the discovery, emotions are directly connected to the sound of your name from infancy to about four years old. As a baby, you experienced a range of positive and negative emotions. As each emotional experience was experienced, it was always connected to the 'sound' of your name. Babies do not know what a name is, it's only a sound, a noise, and it is always spoken at you when you were in pain, hungry being fed, cuddled, loved or any other emotion you can think of.

As you grew older, that sound became your name and you didn't notice the transition but your subconscious did, and it links your feelings, positive and negative with your name.

Peter Vaughan's work has resulted in his being able to map your life by linking the letters of your name with sound, and the emotional experiences you had when you were young. Peter can now reveal to you, the unfolding story-board of your life, year by year, month by month, even day by day, using 'time frames' of your life experiences, linked directly to your name and age (stage of life), hence the need for your birth date.

Like a song having words in sequence, and a chorus, the letters of your name have a sequence and they too fit into harmony with your life and are timed with your life experiences.

Understanding this, Peter's software identifies your unique 'Personality-Blueprint' and it's accurate. Empirical data reveals names match events in every person's life. Computer software enables rapid piecing together of Peter's writing about you, into a quick and reliable report, the Profile Report of your life, as presented here for you.

It's Peter's wish for you to discover your purpose in life, along with others, so we all can get on with the job of living, loving, laughing and experiencing a fulfilling life.

We are all biased as we look out into the world from our own perspective, and others see us from theirs. So let's begin with Your Profile by letting you know the way people initially see you.

You are very active, outgoing, loyal and sensitive all in one package. You like to be involved in, and in charge of anything you do as you can often see what others cannot from a different perspective and you can express yourself, as and when the need arises, be it through physical, mental or emotional means.

You have great depth to your personality and may appear somewhat reserved around others, but this is not the case. You listen and observe a lot more than most and do all the work in your head which means you may not express yourself as much as others do. This alongside a potential quality you have where you feel people may not fully understand you as you'd like, so you might find that working or being in your own space is more comfortable at times as you are quite happy in your own company.

You appreciate it whenever you do a good job or task that others will show their appreciation one way or another and not necessarily just getting paid for a job. Personal satisfaction and the quality of your work or efforts are generally above others.  You also have a creative streak and any hobby or pass time you may take up will show the scope and quality you have inside. This comes from emotional involvement of which you have naturally.

You have an eye for the attractive and for things being well presented, hence you will put a lot of thought into your activities and you will check things out, make sure all is correct, cross reference and research at times to find out more about things that capture interest as you have an inquisitive nature. Not only that, but you have a fondness to help and do things and like the idea people will respond in kind for what you give out, however, it is often later in life that you learned, or will learn, when you expected others to respond in kind to the way you think, you discover that not everyone is like you.

You are an amazing person with some very unique abilities and if your energies are placed in the right direction and nurtured, you may become a master in your own field.  The rest of this report will provide other aspects of your nature that will help to widen your horizons to the rest of your capabilities. This is but the tip of the iceberg and the rest of your mental and physical make-up will support you throughout your life, a life where quality and the finer points therein are appreciated.

The people that inspire you are similar to yourself in some way, they think like you, understand the topic and points you are generally interested in. As long as you are appreciated for who you are and believe that if you do something well, which is the only way to do it, you will find your work, friends and your life satisfying.

The things you always need to be mindful of that can bring about a depressed state and could lead you into an aloof attitude, may come about as you have a sensitive side, a proud side, and are easily annoyed if people with an aloof nature should say or do something that may slur your good character. Be mindful of becoming sloppy, or gain a desire to drown your sorrows in alcohol and shrink away from people in general. These are very destructive traits and you should never become slave to such conditions. You are much better than that.

You have much success built in to this aspect of your personality, and you need to know that your life can be as wonderful and fulfilling as you can dream it to be. The qualities you have will attract friends of similar kind, and only they, and close family will know what a, fine, deep, and upstanding person you are with quality and good standing.